Know Where You are Going Before You Depart

Know Where You are Going Before You Depart

When we started our firm, we wanted to do things differently… very differently.  Many practitioners facing the desire to change don’t have the luxury of a blank slate.  They have partners, staff and clients with expectations and software and systems already in place.  In either case, it can be incredibly overwhelming to implement change.  Whether you are starting out or working in a long established firm, you should start by asking yourself, “What do I want my firm to look like?”

Create a vision for your firm assuming that there are no obstacles. 

Keep it simple

I am not suggesting that you spend hours writing a business plan contemplating the next ten years of your firm.  Answering a few of questions should cover it.

  • What will your firm do?
  • How will it be done?
  • Who will you do it for?

Define your ideal client

You know, the one that your inner voice identified when you read the term “ideal client”.  These are the clients that you build your vision around.  They will provide the baseline for determining which clients your firm will take on (and which clients you need to let go).

They may also be the guide for the services you provide and how you deliver them.  Our ideal clients are often the ones we enjoy the most because we provide them value in a way that works.

Be passionate about it… it’s contagious

We often get carried away when we are telling people about our firm.  We became CPAs to help people and we get REALLY excited about it.  When we talk to fellow professionals or potential clients, it shows.  We sometimes get funny looks because of our enthusiasm, but most often, people appreciate it.  It leaves a lasting impression.  Consequently, we choose to work with clients who are passionate about what they do, too.

Adapt as often as necessary

Don’t be held hostage by your vision.  Revisit it often and change it as needed.  In a global sense, our vision has not changed in the years since we started, but the services we provide and the way we deliver them has changed… often.   We are always exploring new and better ways to transform our firm!

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