How We Changed our Firm (and Our Lives), Part II

How We Changed our Firm (and Our Lives), Part II

We choose work that is meaningful to us and valuable to the client.

Have you ever felt like you provide just enough service to a client to get them by?  The client is getting something they need but they usually forget about it as soon as it’s done… and so do we.  Early in the evolution of our firm, we decided that we wanted to do work that was meaningful.  It may sound strange because we are accountants, but it’s not.  Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve truly helped someone at the end of the day?


We do our best work when we are doing something we love.  At our firm, we strive to love our work every day.  This is how we achieve it.


We are as committed to the CPAs we work with as we are to our clients.  Our firm culture is incredibly important to us… and we love to have fun.  We surround ourselves with people we enjoy working with, people who make our firm a great place to be.  We recently sat down as a group and defined the commitment we’ve made to each other.  We made it into a poster, framed it, and hung it in every office.


We choose clients that we enjoy and who want to understand the meaning of their decisions.  We work with clients who are committed to understanding how their financial and business decisions impact their success.  We really enjoy when clients engage in meaningful conversations about the outcomes on their tax return or the research behind answers we give to their questions.  We love it when they want to understand the logic of the analysis behind the scenes.  Our clients don’t just drop off their information and come back when their tax return is complete.  We interact with them as much as possible.  We work with them on special projects and we interact with their staff.  We spend a lot of time with our clients so it’s crucial that we also enjoy them as people.


We strive to know our client’s and their businesses, thoroughly.  I write about this concept often because it is so important to us.  It is the foundation on which our firm was founded.  We believe that no two clients are the same… even if they are in the same business… the exact same business.  This is true because no two people are the same and no two businesses have the same people working in them.  We don’t believe in trying to fit all clients into a particular relationship structure with a prescribed set of services.  We don’t try to add efficiency by using the same process for every client.  We want to know our each of our clients, what’s important to them, how they prefer to communicate, what their goals are, and how they view success.  We add efficiency in other ways, but not through standardization.


We don’t hold on to clients that we can’t truly help.  If we find ourselves providing just enough service to get a client by, we strive to figure out the reason.  If it’s something we need to change, we change it.  If it’s something the client needs to correct, we work with them to fix it.  If it’s something that cannot be resolved, we encourage them to find another professional who can better serve their needs.  This is sometimes the most difficult part of our job but it’s necessary to ensure that we keep our promise to our clients and ourselves.

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