All in or Not in at All

All in or Not in at All


We have a saying…  You are either all in or you are not in at all.  We work hard to cultivate excitement because our firm culture is very important to us.  This is how we keep it alive:

We believe…

We believe in what we do… who we do it with… and who we do it for.

  • We only accept clients we believe we can truly help. If there is something keeping us from adding tremendous value to what they do, we fix it.  If it is out of our hands, we help them find someone else who can.
  • We only hire people who are as passionate about helping clients as we are. We are excited about the diversity of strengths in our firm.  We also work together to help each other on our weaknesses.
  • We learn from our clients. We have as much to gain from them as they have to gain from us.  We talk to them often about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how it is working.  They may be in very different industries, but they are business owners just like we are.

We have the tools…

We have the tools we need to carry out our work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.  In the years since we started the firm, we’ve added tablets, a private virtual server, and stand up desks.  Who knows what may be next.

  • We use tablets for common tasks such as emailing and searching the web. We travel with them because they are lightweight and easy to carry.  We use them for tax research and continuing education.  We can also use them to access our private virtual server.
  • Our private virtual server is the most revolutionizing tool we’ve invested in. It allows us to collaborate with clients in real time.  It also allows us to work from anywhere.
  • Most recently, we purchased stand up desks. We sometimes get quizzical looks when we talk about them (and we do talk about them a lot).  The increase in efficiency has surprised even us.  How?  BECAUSE WE FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.  We no longer sit for hours at a time, nodding off at our desks while our feet go to sleep.  We can raise and lower them at the push of a button.  We feel stronger and more relaxed… and excited to go to the office because they are cool!

We create opportunity…

We don’t believe in waiting your turn, waiting for someone to retire, or putting in your time.  If you work hard and you work smart, you will benefit.  We do this by encouraging specialization, compensation structure, and flexible work environment.

  • We encourage everyone at our firm to specialize in something they love doing. We do our best when we are doing something we love.  We maintain some flexibility to allow each CPA to design their workload around something they are passionate about.
  • Everyone’s compensation is incentive based (yes, even partners). Everyone is in control of how much they work and how much they make.
  • We work from the office, from home or on the road. We build our work around our lives rather than our lives around our work.  It means working until two in the afternoon, going to your child’s soccer game and working later in the evening when it is convenient.  It means taking Tuesday off to spend it with your family and working Saturday instead.  It means whatever we need it to mean, as long as the work gets done.

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